Mansudae Art Studio

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Entrance of the Mansudae Art StudioMost of the best North Korean artists are associated with the Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang, the capital of the country. The artists utilize a variety of disciplines, from oil painting to bronze sculpture, from ceramics to embroidery, from mosaic to water color, from architecture to ink painting, from woodcutting to poster art, and much much more. Practically all the major art works of any kind—paintings, large sculptures, monuments, the large mosaics of the Pyongyang subway system, very large projects abroad etc.—are produced by the Mansudae Art Studio. Many of the posters in this web-site were made at the Mansudae Art Studio.

The Mansudae Art Studio has an area of about 120,000 square meters (1.3 million square feet, 29 acres) with a work force of about 4000 people, about 1000 of which are artists. It is probably the largest art production center in the world. Practically all artists are university graduates and their ages range from early 20’s to about 70. It is a great honor for an artist to be invited to join the Mansudae Art Studio. The Mansudae is not a school nor a factory-like environment as those that can be found in China. It looks more like an American university campus (it even has a soccer field) though there are no classes and the artists and the other people who work there do not live inside the Mansudae.

Since 2006 the Mansudae Art Studio has a representative for the West, based in Italy, and since 2009 it has its own large and museum-like space in the 798 Art District in Beijing, currently the most lively and interesting contemporary art district in the world.