How to purchase

How do I find out about the availability and the price of a poster?
By requesting that information using the form provided in this section indicating the identification number(s) of the work(s) you are interested in.

How much are shipping costs?
It depends, of course, on the destination. The works are shipped from Italy: the economic transactions are with an Italian company. The shipping cost will be provided with the price of the work.

How do I make the purchase?
Once the availability and the price of the poster(s) have been confirmed, you communicate your intention to buy and your data (shipping address, invoice data etc.) and you make the payment either by bank transfer to the banking account that will be indicated to you. Again, the payment is made to an Italian company that will invoice the work(s).

When is the work shipped?
Within five working days from the receipt of the payment, unless different agreements.

Which laws govern the transactions?
The sales are made by an Italian company. The transactions are governed by Italian law. In particular the buyer can return the art work by communicating his/her intention to return it and shipping it back within ten working days from its receipt. The price paid will be fully reimbursed, shipping expenses excluded, once the art object is received in good conditions by the Italian company.