Is it legal to sell North Korean art?
Of course. The UN sanctions against North Korea do not concern art. It would be absurd if the commerce of art were hindered, in particular that of the Korean one. Art has always been a vehicle of communication and understanding: with its universal language it can clarify and stimulate, it can make people closer to each other and better able to understand and to accept their differences.

The works are really made by North Korean artists?
Absolutely yes. The Italian company that sells them has a privileged relationship with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as far as art is concerned, not only posters. If it sold works that were not original it would jeopardize this important relationship based on reciprocal trust. The works presented here have been regularly imported in Italy directly from North Korea or through some other Asian countries.

How many are the copies of a poster?
Given the nature of the posters, briefly discussed in another section of this web-site, it is impossible to know how many copies of a single poster have been painted. The main function of a poster is however that of being exhibited in a public place, often outdoor. The copies that are available in the West are copies produced in excess or realized especially for collectors and they are stillvery few.

Who sells the posters?
The posters are sold by an Italian company according to Italian law. It would be impossible to sell the posters directly from Pyongyang so all the economic transactions are managed by this company. The posters on sale are in a deposit in Italy that is periodically restocked.